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Print without having to install the printers

As an alternative to installing printers (SEE-BOU-printer or NBA-VES-STA-KLO-VID-printer with respect of relevant UCL location*) it is possible to upload a file for printing.

The following file types are supported for print upload: MS Office documents, PDF documents, and image files.

Print of an uploaded document cannot be undone. However document/print job is automatically deleted if not picked up at the printer within 24 hours.

(*) SEE: Seebladsgade, Odense

BOU: Boulevarden, Vejle

NBA: Niels Bohrs Allé, Odense

VES: Vestre Engvej, Vejle

STA: Stationsvej, Jelling

KLO: Klostervænget, Svendborg

VID: Videnbyen, Odense

1.  Upload print

Go to Pcounter EasyPay page http://easypay.ucl.dk.

Choose English or Danish by the flag icon (this guide shows English).

Enter UCL username and password (same as used for network and itslearning).

Press Login.

2.  Your current print/copy balance is shown in Danish currency, kroner (kr).

You will see if you have enough credit for printing. Otherwise deposit funds.

Press Upload.

3. Drag and drop files/documents in the box or click to choose files for upload.

Please check that your file has one of the supported file types.

4. A print box appears.

Choose number of copies (1 copy is default).

Consider color or black/white.

Push (click) Colour Print button to the left if you wish a black/white print (half price compared to color).

Press Upload.

5. A green Success box is shown when file is uploaded for printing.

You may log off Pcounter EasyPay.